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Hot Scissor Haircut

Honey Clouds SPA & Salon offers you a true solution to split ends! This amazing haircut is the perfect solution to get your gorgeous locks and ends sealed.. These electric scissors work for all hair types, especially for chemically treated hair, such as the brazillian blowout or colored hair. Jaguar TC ThermoCut System (Germany), or "hot scissors" seals the ends of your hair with heated blades, therefore preventing them from splitting. Electric scissors are less damaging than the traditional ones, which during the cut open the cuticle and leave it susceptible to environmental stress, hence leaving the hair unprotected, while electric scissors with the help from the heat, seal the ends and keep the hair always moisturized.

Vogue in January 2013 issue called Hot Scissors “a resolution of the new year” #5

Honey Clouds SPA and Salon offers Hot Scissor Haircut for $85.00 without style and $95.00 with blow-dry.

Luscious locks with a protective cut.

So what is a Hot Scissor haircut?

Hot hair - this expression has come to our country in 2012. Thanks to the company Jaguar (Germany), who came up to the creation of a unique apparatus capable of in the course of its use to treat hair directly in the process of cutting, produced a revolution in the minds of people who have tried on their hair this innovation. Because of the absolute positive result this wonderful instrument came off the assembly line, to the great delight of users.

How does it work?

The scales begin to puff up and break down. As a result, the hair loses moisture and begins to die , and is torn in the middle or is cut at the tip. Hence the lack of luster, increased dryness and brittleness. Strands hard to comb, their volume is significantly reduced .Most people do not know about this haircut,hot scissors. Most people will not hesitate to part with long hair, changing haircut. It does not always work, because the damaged part of the hair cut with scissors, which do not always have the cutting surface , flakes become even more ragged and uneven. .It was only thanks to a unique invention, this problem disappeared. Imagine a thread that cannot be threaded by a needle, because the tip of the thread turned into a splayed brush. That's how the hair cut looks under the microscope after a pair of household scissors. Now imagine a piece of butter cut a hot knife, cut with smooth edges do not diverge. This looks approximately how a hair cut after hot shears flakes tightly pressed against each other and form a capsule which retains all the nutrients vitamins, amino acids , minerals and moisture inside the hair . Hair becomes stronger, becomes shine, much less electrolysis. Statistics show- Damaged hair - simple haircut with scissors , the tips are stratified in 1 - 1.5 months- Damaged hair - haircut hot scissors , the ends are not stratified.

Nounou Pak Mask

This amazing nourishing mask from Davines is specifically designed to moisturize and nourish your hair. The perfect mask for dry and brittle hair that needs and lacks nourishment, moisture and protection.

Honey Clouds Salon is the only Salon on the West Coast currently providing this service. It is on the top of the beauty radar and Vogue magazine recently voted this the Haircut of the year.

The conclusion is clear, you need to periodically treat the hair with hot scissors.

Hot Scissors Haircut + NouNou Pak Mask $145.00
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